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How To Lose Weight and Keep it Off

Updated: Sep 7

Let me know if this sounds familiar at all.

You've set a goal to lose that extra 15 lbs and really get in shape.

This time is different, you are determined to not let anything stand in your way and you are going to crush your goal!

A week has gone by and you're off to a great start, you've already lost a few lbs!! YES!!

Then a few more weeks go by, the weight stopped coming off or maybe your commitment falters a little... you allow a little break.

And then before you know it you are back where you started...

There are two options here, start again or don't.

And I want to cover a few things that can help along the ways, firstly is about reaching your goal.

Here's the thing about reaching your goal

There are fundamental truths that you need in order reach a goal.

1) Show Gratitude

  • If you're ever wanting anything to change, be grateful for what you have.

2) Take Action

  • Even if you fail once, take heart that you did more than someone who didn't even try because they were afraid they would fail. Never be afraid to fail, failure is just a lesson learned, but don't let it the failure stop you from taking action again.

3) Stop Trying to Convince the Haters

  • I know this may sound a bit false, but if you've ever set a life changing goal, the people in your life will cheer you on at first and unfortunately, once you start making real changes, they will feel left behind and then try to tear you down. It may not seem like that is what they're doing, but it could also be a factor to you not reaching your goals.