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Choosing to Become A Healthy Eater

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

As a Busy Mom, my health has often been compromised.

It felt like I was sick all the time!

That was when I decided that I needed to focus on how I eat, what I eat, and what supplements I take to help improve my health.

Since making that change I went from feeling sick all the time, to being sick only once in 3 years.

So I want to share a few tips around How to become a healthy eater and then Choosing to become a healthy eater!


How to Become a Healthy Eater?

Becoming a healthy eater requires you to become educated and smart about what is healthy eating.

Eating healthy requires quite a bit of mindset tweaking and understanding how you eat in the first place. In order to really understand how you currently eat and how you want to change, you have to first become aware of what you are eating.

That means you need to start tracking what you are eating. I don't want you to think too much into this, don't start worrying about your calories, carbs, fat, or protein. Instead grab a lined notebook that you can carry around with you and write out everything you eat.

Remember, NO JUDGEMENT!!

You are in discovery phase right now. Don't judge anything that you are eating. But keep track of it for about 1-2 weeks.

Some of the things you may discover is that you might eat too much or maybe not enough. You may eat foods that are sometimes really nutritious and sometimes not as nutritious. Again though, this all about discovery.

If it helps, think of yourself as the scientist who is running an experiment. Put a different name in your notebook for whose food you are tracking. You could even make it a game if you want.

Now that you've decided to start tracking your food, it's time for the evaluation!

What does it mean to be a Healthy Eater?

Healthy eating is a way of life, something that you do to enhance your body and your lifestyle.

If you've thought about making your life better, eating healthy is just one of many places to start. You could also start exercising, checking your inner language, reading more, working on your relationships, etc.

By choosing to make your life better, you will also make life easier for those around you, like your family and friends. That is one thing that I love about society, we are all interconnected in some way. Our life was not meant to be lived alone, we are meant to live and learn from each other.

Being a Healthy Eater

Healthy eating isn't all about learning to calculate your fat, protein, and carbohydrates, or about studying labels and counting calories.

Instead let's think of healthy eating as eating many different types of foods, not limiting yourselves to one specific food type or food group. Because a healthy eater is a good problem solver.

Healthy eaters are always aware of what they eat, and know the effect that it will have on their bodies. Healthy eaters know that food is a source of energy for your body to burn and you need to learn which foods will give you more energy when you need it or simply sustain you throughout the day.

Healthy eating is all about balanced and moderate eating, consisting of healthy meals of at least three times per day.

However, you should always fuel your body and your brain regularly with enough food to keep both your mind and body strong and alert.

If you're looking for a great guide to help you eating healthier, I highly recommend the Smoothie Diet for great guidance and helping you on the path to being your best you.



Now the choice is really up to you. Will you take on the challenge and Choose to be a Healthy Eater by becoming aware of what you are eating, then determining how it makes you feel and then enjoying your change.

This like any other habit is something that you'll need to learn and plan into your day.

Are you ready to Become a Healthy Eater?

Make sure to grab your copy of The Healthiest Foods For You to help guide you on what foods to start adding into what you're eating.

Here's to your success and health,

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