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Success Blueprint with These 5 Top Self Development Books

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Success, what is Success? What does that mean?

The dictionary defines success as the accomplishment of the aim or purpose that you set out to do.

So if you have you ever set out like I have to:

  • To be a better Mom to my kids

  • To be healthier and fitter

  • To build my MLM/Network Marketing business to provide for my family

Then you will definitely want to get your hands on these books.

I have asked the first question about being a mom many times, motherhood is rough, but I believe that success is inevitable if I put enough focus and intent into bettering myself and the only way to better myself is to study what I don't know and then put it into action.

As a stay at home mom and a network marketer building my business around my girls, time to sit and read can be scarce so my go to on being able to finish a book is through Audible.

This way I can listen to my books while I am driving and the girls get some self-development at the same time (depending on the age of your kids, just be mindful if the author/reader of the book likes to swear).

I also believe in studying a book, not just going through books to accomplish reading them, but to study and really let the concepts sink in by repeating them month to month or year to year.

These 5 books that you'll find here are my go to books. I revisit them regularly and love the boost of confidence and drive that it gives me each time I finish listening.

I have also included some of my favorite quotes from the books.

This post may contain affiliate links to products I trust. This means if you make a purchase using the links I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for the support!

5) Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Out of this short list of books I have two favorites, this one and the last one.

The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind is the perfect book to help you realize any money blocks that may be keeping your from increasing your income.

It also includes declarations that I just loved repeating with my girls and reminders to help instill an abundant life mindset in for my girls.