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5 Fish to Help with Weight Loss

Updated: Apr 10

If you're one that doesn't like to eat fish, you might want to disregard this, however, if you have a meal plan, you like fish, and you're getting sick of eating chicken?

Then this is for you!

So many times on my weight loss journey, I remember thinking...

Oh joy, chicken for lunch and dinner again (blah!!)

In order to mix things up a bit, I found some delicious fish to mix up the chicken fest.

And the best part is that many of these have higher protein and less fat than chicken!


1) Canned Light Tuna

Now I know what you're thinking, Tuna, tasty? That doesn't sound very tasty...

But before you judge, let me give a recipe that may change your mind.

In stead of just accepting the canned Tuna as is, be ok with adding a tablespoon of mayo (olive oil based will save your fat level), then add mustard and pickles.

The nice thing about the mustard and pickles is they don't add any carbs and a whole bunch of flavor!

2) Cod

Interesting tidbit about this and the next fish option.

You don't have to thaw it all the way to cook it.

So if you don't much like the smell of fish, this is the best option, just cook it and enjoy all while skipping the fishy smell.

3) Halibut

Again if you're not in an area that has easy access to the ocean, buy this frozen and still enjoy the tastiness.

4) Sardines

This is mis-judged fish brought on my society.

If like me, you remember growing up hearing how gross these are, maybe give them another shot, you may be pleasantly surprised.

5) Wild Salmon

There are many ways to prepare this one and this is definitely more of a fatty option, but make sure that it's wild, not farmed salmon.


I've put together some tasty recipes of each of these, make sure to head over there to enjoy.

Make sure to let me know in the comments which fish you're looking forward to having first.

As a side note, if you're working on a weight loss goal and feel stuck or have tried a few different options, but can't seem to reach your goal?

I may have something that will help, make sure to fill out the form below and tell me about what you've struggled with the most.



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