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Why SamCart is the Tool to have for Online Selling

Hey There!!

I'm Sarah Lawyer

I remember it very clearly, I decided that it was time for me to start selling my own products.

I knew I didn't want anything too technical. I was looking for a solution that had a track record of selling digital/e-commerce items. That's when I discovered Samcart as the essential tool for selling online.

Why SamCart?

They made it incredibly easy to set up a sales page in no time and the best part was that I could easily choose how much information to capture on the checkout page!

Plus being able to add a bump to the order, upsell and a downsell, and payment options was a breeze.

Here's the thing, you can do all that with a lot of different options out there, but they just launched a brand new "Courses App" and you definitely don't want miss how easy it is now sell a full on course without all the technical know-how you used need to know!!

Check out the Live Demo below on how you can also 'Cross-Sell' your courses!

Who Loves some good old facts?!?

Switching to SamCart boosts conversions by an average of +23%

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