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Why You Should Sign Up For A Photoshoot

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

As a woman, I often feel very subconscious about having my photo taken. So why in the world am I telling you why you should now sign up for a photoshoot?

Because I met and decided to go out on a limb with Jocelyn Villagran Photography whose mission is really to help us women feel absolutely beautiful! And she did!!

I completely fell in love with the photos that I received.

But why should you sign up?

Here are three reasons:

-Make sure to read to the end as I include some of my favorite photos-

1) For Business

If you are a Mompreneur, than you understand the value of a professional photo.

Sure, a photo taken with your cellphone or a selfie is great in a pinch, especially for social media, but if you truly want to come across as someone you want others to follow, listen to, and eventually buy from you, you want to put your best foot forward with a professional photo.

Since I have been in the business for a few years, I have done a photoshoot for business before and honestly wasn't all that impressed with the photos I got back.

I felt that poses weren't really me, that they didn't truly make me feel professional or gorgeous. However, I am not one to never try again, so I decided to go for it again.

Let me tell, that Jocelyn doesn't let you just hang out, she guides you the entire time on the best pose and position that will make you look and feel amazing.

2) For Fun

Sure this may seem like a silly one, but as moms, there are sometimes very few moments where we get to have fun as a WOMAN.

Now I have plenty of fun with my girls, reading, coloring, running, playing, etc, but there is something different when go out and celebrate your beauty and smile.

Plus it is an amazing boost to your ego because you will look amazing when you go through the whole transformation process.

3) To Remind Yourself You're Gorgeous!!

I know for me, that the person looking in the mirror is my biggest and worst critic. I find all the flaws in my hair, my teeth, my body, my skin... but when I did this photo shoot, I was reminded that I am Gorgeous!

And I want that for you!

So if you are in Utah or even if you're not, reach out to Jocelyn Villagran Photography and schedule a time with her to experience the professional, the fun, and remind yourself that you are Gorgeous.



If you haven't yet gone over and booked your session, what are you waiting for!!

Oh that's right, you might be waiting to see the pictures I got from my photoshoot.

Ok, you twisted my arm, here are my favorite photos.

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3 reasons Why you should book a photo shoot. Ever wonder if you should book a photo shoot with a professional photographer? Is it really worth it? YES! And I am going to give you 3 reasons why.

Let your beauty shine,



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