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What Pinterest Boards You Should Have

Updated: Aug 26

A beginner-friendly guide to Pinterest Boards

Pinterest is a visual search engine, which means having a beautiful pin image is necessary to boost your online presence. You need to have the right strategies for designing pins to drive traffic to your website or blog. Your pins circulate online longer than any other social media post.

You also need to maximize your options in getting your pins to reach as many people as possible. And one way to do this is through Pinterest boards.

You have to create boards on Pinterest because you can't pin any pins. So first things first create a board.

How to create a Pinterest Board?

Once you have your Pinterest account created you'll see something that will look like this on the top of your screen:

Pinterest will automatically have you signed in to your business hub or your home feed. To create a board, you'll have to first navigate away from your Pinterest account home feed and click your profile picture in the top right.

This will take you to your Pinterest profile. From here you'll see two tabs that say "created" and "saved" that is below your profile photo. Click on the Saved tab (this is where you will find all your Pinterest boards once you have them created), then you'll find a plus (+) sign on the right underneath your Pinterest account info.

After you click on the plus (+) sign, it will give you three options to create. You can Create a Pin, Create an Idea Pin, or Create a Board. The next step that will come up is the part for naming your board, which is another section and before we go there, I'm going to first give you another option to create your Pinterest boards.

If you don't see the plus icon, go over to the top left that says "Create" then select "Create a pin". It will open up your Pinterest Pin builder where you can set up a new pin. In the Pin builder in the right hand corner, you'll see a drop-down menu next to the "Publish button. This is where you choose your board, but if you don't have any created you see an option to "create a board." Click create board and you then be asked to name your board.