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How to Build a Network Marketing Business with Modere As A Busy Mom

Updated: Apr 10

Man oh man what an amazing team call!

I just heard from 3 amazing busy moms that have built an amazing residual income all with Modere and I am going to share my take aways with you.

As a social marketer with Modere and having been in the industry of network marketing for almost 6 years, I have listened to a lot of training and found these lessons are a great reminder and should be studied often, similarly to books.

So are my take aways and why should you care?

If you are a busy stay at home mom or working mom with at least 2 kids or up to 7 kids then these take aways are proof that building a side hustle business to add to your families finances is possible.

And the main take aways is how Staci went from not seeing any results in her business to crushing it by changing her mindset and using a practical, easy to follow daily method of operation (DMO) that any mom can use.

Now if you would rather listen to the call, I have it linked below so you can check it out.

This post may contain affiliate links to products I trust. This means if you make a purchase using the links I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for the support!


Changing your Mindset

Now one of the reasons I got into this side hustle business was to make some extra money so I can travel more, so why in the world am sharing about changing your mindset first...?

Let's dive in and don't worry, we'll get to the goods about how to crush your DMO and how to recruit better.

But first let me ask you this...

Have ever felt lost, confused or frustrated with your kids, your husband/significant other, yourself, or maybe your current business if have one?

I know I have! There are somedays where I am not sure I can go another hour without screaming my head off and then there are other days where I just hope that I am doing right by my kids and that it's enough to help them be their best.

Now that I think about it, building a team can be a lot like raising kids, just without all the snot and tears... right?

Which is why you will definitely want to stick around 'til the end.

But here's the thing, if you want to have a successful side hustle business, a successful marriage, or be a successful mom, you have to stop blaming your circumstances and people around you and work on you.

This truth has been a hard lesson for me to learn. Isn't funny that the truth's that cna be the hardest to accept are those that need to be worked on.

How to I work on me?

There are a few ways; study books, listen to podcasts, and then spend time meditating/praying about what you're learning, and journal about what you are grateful for... but I want you to notice something, all of these are for you, not your kids (though if you do any of the above with them around, they will pick up on it) and it's not for your spouse because in the end, you can't change others, you can only be a good influence.

Here is a just a few of my favorite books that I have enjoyed reading, studying, and meditation over and I hope that they can help you as well:

The Golden Daily Method of Operation

Now to get to the money making activities!

If you've ever wondered, what to do on a day to day basis to get results, this was truly golden.

As a side note, if you are looking for some daily accountability with action steps, definitely go check out this Sacred 60 Challenge for transformative journey of more empowerment and spiritual growth.

The next best thing to improving your and your mindset is Taking Action!

Because let's face it, if all you do is read, listen, and journal... nothing is truly going to change.

You have to get to work!

Speak of work we are almost to our Golden DMO.

Are you excited yet...? I know I am excited to teach it to you.

But first let's cover one other detail.

In any DMO that you start, it is vital that you understand what and why you are doing what you are doing and what are you working for, otherwise staying consistent with soon to be taught DMO will be very to stick to.

These are some great books to help you figure it out:

And finally to the main course of the meal!

Just a reminder, I do have one other take away that I just know you will love. So make sure to keep going... ok?

What is this Golden DMO that this mom of 2, who is also a professional hairstylist do on a daily basis that has changed her business?

This is it!!

Just 7 simple steps!

  1. Reach out and start at least 5 conversations

  2. Follow up

  3. Send out Birthday Messages

  4. Engage: comment and like on at least 10 posts (be genuine with these)

  5. Post at least 1-2 times a day

  6. Provide value, answer questions in groups you are a part of for 10 mins (these should be what you have interest in, not just your industry)

  7. Post stories throughout the day.

You may be thinking, wait, 7 steps! I thought this was going to be something I could do around my kids.

And it is!

So here's a little trick that I have learned along the way.

If you know your kids will leave you along for 10 mins, tell them (repeat after me) "I am going to set a timer for 10 mins and during that time you can't talk to me."

So you don't have to repeat those words exactly, make them your own, but the strategy is that you have to communicate your intentions and then the timer helps you become accountable for that time.

Try this! You will be amazed at how many steps you can get done.

If you don't get them all done, guess what??

You guessed it, set another timer.

Another trick and tip I want to give you is this, if all of these steps still feel daunting, choose 1 to start with, then once you are comfortable with that, add in another step. Take baby steps and before you know it, you will be running!

You will be amazed at how quickly things will start to change because you have a vision, you have stopped the negative self talk, and now you are taking action!

Now to the promised last take away...

3 Tips to Better Recruiting

This one concept about building a side hustle business for some is the easiest thing and for others the hardest.

It's all about shifting your mindset around it, so let's think about a baker in a bakery. The baker can't sell any doughnuts or pastries without first letting people know that they have something to sell, the other side is, if they have a lot of customers, but now need to hire in order to supply the demand.

Recruiting is the lifeblood of any business and if you are in the network marketing or side hustle business you want to earn money and getting customers is essential and building leverage with a team is how you can do it.

This quote from John D. Rockefeller is a good reminder.

"I would rather earn 1% off 100 people's efforts than 100% of my own efforts."

So get ready, because this take away is from a mom of 7 kids that was able to recruit 41 people to her team within a month using these 3 tips.

Can grab a pen and paper, bookmark this page to return to, save it to Pinterest, send it to a friend, whatever you need to do to make sure you can come back to and apply it for you success.

1) Understand marketing vs. prospecting

The dictionary defines marketing as the action of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

Basically you want to understand who are you selling to and then offering the solution your product or company provides to their problems.

Prospecting is defined as the search for mineral deposits... Alright the dictionary definition won't help us here, so let's use Grant Cardone's definition which is the act talking to people and finding out how you can help them.

So the tip is to understand the difference of how you put yourself out there.

This might be hard, I know it has been for me, you have to get attention!

People have to you know what you are doing (marketing) in order for you to talk to them (prospecting).

So the tip is to present yourself online, in person, as someone who can solve a problem.

If you use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube or Twitter, it is vital that you remember who you are talking to and share things that will give them value.

Value can be anything from something like this, sharing tips that you learned, or sharing something that made you laugh, sharing something you love that a prospect could love as well, share your life.

We love to feel connections and social media has made it easier than ever to connect, to so share and then talk to them, listen, and see if your side hustle business or products could help them

When I first started in my side hustle business, I had no idea what I was doing, but isn't that the beauty of life, we live, we learn and we move forward!

2) Use Posture

This was something I was very new to until I started in Rank Makers with Ray Higdon.

Posture is knowing that you have a solution to a problem and not letting any outside opinion of what you are doing affect how you show up.

It means believing whole heartedly in your product and business.

There is a lesson in Secrets of a Millionaire Mind that really hit home for me.

I was in a business that I loved, but then I read this book and was asked how much I believed in the business on a scale from 1-10, if you are in a business or network marketing, I want you to do this. On a scale from 1-10 how much do you believe in the product, service, or business that you are working?

If you rate the products, service, or business at 8 or 9; look hard at why that may be and how you could improve it that score and if you can't it's time to look at other options; if you rate them at anything less than an 8 its time to look for something else.

Why then do you need to look for a different product, service, or business if your belief is less than 10?

Because if you are not completely sold on your product, service, or business you won't be able to sell it to anyone else.

We follow people and we buy from people, but if you're not 100% believing in what you are doing, you won't want to get attention and talk to others about it.

That means no apologizing for doing what you are doing, no excusing it because people don't approve and realizing that you LOVE what you are doing and nothing anyone can say will dissuade from your path.

It took me a few different companies to find the perfect one for me and that is ok, but I know of others that find their home first time around.

Are you looking for a that something else?

I want to help, check out the side hustle business and let's chat to discover if what I am doing to get paid daily would be a fit for you.

Now for the final tip...

3) Follow what your leaders are doing

I know this may sound too simple or easy, but in truth, your leaders are there to help guide you and support you and most importantly, if they have the results that you want, ask them what they are doing and then do it!

I know it seems like a no brainer, but well life isn't always as easy as see then do.

I know for me, my negative doubts of actually being successful often keep me from sharing to get the attention, but that's why the first thing we talked about is building up our mindset.

Some great books: Go for No or Go for No for Network Marketing are great reads to help get an idea of how to just go out and do the work and basically grow a thicker skin to any negative judgements that come your way.


Link to recording



It may not be easy to read or hear, but I hope that these tips have helped you take some kind of action towards building your dream.

If this was something you got value from, tell me in the comments what you liked the most, then share it, you never know who might need this just like maybe you did.

Your friend,

Sarah Lawyer

Stay At Home Mom



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