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The Best Tools For Content Marketing

Updated: Apr 10

Welcome back!

Tired of not knowing the best tools for content marketing?

If you've ever looked into starting content marketing, you may have noticed there are a lot of different tools and options available for getting started and doing it the right way. Let's chat about the three methods I use to get my content seen by others as well as the tools I recommend for each process.

Hi, my name is Sarah Lawyer. If you're new to me, I am the MomPreneur of online content marketing, and I help female business owners really expand and explode their businesses online through content marketing and search marketing practices. So if you're looking to get more content marketing and online marketing and how to explode your business online, definitely hit that like and subscribe button so you don't miss the next video.

All right, let's dive in.

Content marketing

The first thing in content marketing is to create content.

Now you may be saying... well of course!!

I want you to start sharing content that is actually being searched for, instead of always posting about your food, life, and random thoughts.

When we shift our thinking from creating content around our lives, to creating content around keyword phrases that our audience is searching for, we start to see a difference in the amount of traffic and engagement that our content receives. It also becomes high quality content.

It's not about us anymore. It's about them. And if we want to be found online, we need to give them what they're looking for. And this is the key to creating that like, know, and trust factor without ever having a conversation over DM's or on a sales call.

You're a busy business owner and I want to give you the tools to help you create content to show up on search engines and get your more sales.

When you focus your marketing efforts on this content strategy you're now getting inside the head of your target audience.

Use these questions to help you think like your target audience:

  • What does my audience want to know?

  • What are they searching for?

  • What would they type into a search engine to find content like mine?

When we answer those questions and put them into our content marketing strategy, then we can start creating the content.

It's not just about putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, but about having a strategy and a plan for that content.

I'm not going to just leave you hanging with this, now I'm going to share my insider tips to truly maximize your content marketing efforts by sharing my content marketing strategy.

This post may contain affiliate links to products that I trust. This means that if you make a purchase using the links below I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for the support!

Top Content Marketing Tools Used by Content Marketers

My content marketing strategy consists of starting with video content. Of course, it's by preference, but I enjoy sharing my valuable content first in through video on YouTube.

This leads me to my recommended content marketing tool, TubeBuddy.

As I mentioned earlier, we want to create content with a strategic marketing approach. So we first research top searched topics and share around that.

The first thing I use to research my video content for YouTube is TubeBuddy.

TubeBuddy allows me to research topics that will do well for my channel, which is especially important if you're wanting to grow on YouTube. Of course there are a lot of great tools. I share this one in particular as it has created a successful content marketing strategy that has allowed me to create engaging content, consistent content, and reach my potential customers.

Some other reasons for TubeBuddy are for it's ease of use! I can research and save my keywords in the Topic Planner, save the tags that I want to apply to my video, and once I've published my video gives me tags that will allow my video to rank!

Once I've done research, I then UberSuggest. Neil Patel put it together and it's AMAZING!!

If you're not doing video content marketing, start here.

Similar to TubeBuddy, UberSuggest will allow you to research keywords and then pare down the keywords that your site can rank for. When you start on these in your content marketing efforts , you'll be able to hit the ground running and see better results in the search engines!

The beauty of this content marketing strategy is that it's simple, easy to follow, and can be done by anyone.

You don't need a big budget, or a team of people to help you. You can do this all on your own and see great results!

If you need help getting started, or want someone to walk you through the process, I offer content marketing coaching sessions where we can hop on a call and I'll help you get started!

Back to our content marketing strategy. If you're following along and you're using this after TubeBuddy, I often do a search here to make sure that the main topic I chose there has a similar or same keyword phrase that will help me to rank on Google.

It also has an amazing tools to help you figure out what you could share around that topic inside the AI Writer, but I'll share more about a couple writing tools I use in a minute. UberSuggest AI Writer is great to get some ideas and structure for your video content and blog post.

One last tip I have around researching your content marketing material is to have a clearly defined audience. There are two great ways to define your target audience:

  1. Through your Existing customers

  2. Interviewing those you feel would be Ideal Customers

By knowing your ideal customer or best buyer you can create your online content marketing based on their customer journey.

After researching we are now into Creating your Content.

Open up a Zoom room, use, or simply take out your phone and hit record!

When creating your content, just know it doesn't have to be perfect. It's about providing valuable content that will get your target audience into action and improve their lives.

Take the pressure off your shoulders that it has to be perfect and YOU have to be perfect. Your target audience isn't looking for perfect. They're looking to connect with a REAL person, so let your quirckyness come out and you'll attract your buyers to you quicker than you might realize.

Once you've recorded your video, it's time to put it into blog form.

I've used a couple tools for transcribing my videos into word format.

  1. (paid)

  2. (free or paid)

  3. Google Docs and their Voice tool (free)

  4. Hiring a VA to transcribe it (paid)

Any of these option have their ups and downs. Just choose one and find the one that works best for you.

Once you have your video transcribed we're going to plug it into two different tools that are going to allow you to "beef" out your blog so that it is ready for Google.

Tool 1: is

As the name implies, it is a AI writing software and many use it to write out an entire blog, emails, social media posts, books, etc. You name it, someone has used it to write it.

It's incredibly helpful and gives you ideas of what to say next, or how to elaborate on a certain topic.

Tool 2: is SurferSEO

SurferSEO integrates with so that as you're writing out your blog post from your video, you can make sure to add the keywords you need in order to rank on Google.

It provides a scale so you know how you're doing, it provides suggestions so you can add it into your blog post.

Both of these tools combined make for a truly winning content marketing strategy without hiring a content marketing team.

The last few tips before you publish, you want to do is leave your content as "just a blog post."

You want to make sure it's properly formatted with proper headings like H1, H2, or H3. You also want to make sure you have an eye-catching featured images throughout the post. Grab some lines or quotes from your post and add them as images.

It adds a great bit of authority and a way for your target audience to share what they liked.

Now it's time to Publish your content marketing strategy.

Publishing Your Content

You've got a video, you've got a blog post, now let's publish it and create an effective content marketing campaign that invites your target audience seamlessly into your world.

Let's first start with your YouTube video.

Before you even upload your video, make sure that you have a thumbnail and and End page that you can easily add into your video.

I have found Canva to be the best tool for creating images as they are continuously improving and adding to it that make it so easy and enjoyable to use.

These images can be added in using the tool mentioned about, TubeBuddy.

Once you've created these, upload your video! There are about 7 steps that YouTube takes you through to get your video complete ready to go. Follow each one, don't miss any!

  1. Add in your video Title (this is what we found above)

  2. Add in your Description (use as much of this as you can)

  3. Add cards

  4. Add and end screen

  5. Assign a Playlist (if you don't have any, create one)

  6. Agree to all terms

  7. Publish!

Once you hit publish you're not done. Now you need to go and watch it, be the first to watch it through, add a comment, like it. People are funny, they don't like to be the first to like or comment on things.

Then be the first to share it. Share it far and wide on social media. You may have noticed that this is the first time I mention social media in your content marketing strategy. This is done on purpose.

I've seen so many business owners that only use social media as their main marketing strategy. Please stop this!! You don't own any of those sites! That's why I'm teaching you to house it on your website in your Blog. Make your website your main hub, use the call to actions from your YouTube video to visit your website. This is traffic that you own.

Back on topic...

Then add it to your Blog post (yes, the same one we created above). So that those who find your Blog can have the option of watching it on YouTube.

Now let's go publish your Blog post!

Like I mentioned above, make sure that you have images, headings, a main image and also meta-tags.

Meta-Tags are small snippets or a summation of your content and the best part is that can help you create effective meta-tags that will allow your content to be found on Google. So make sure you grab your free trial!

Once you've done that, publish your blog and you then go and like it and share it to social media.

Now that we've published, I'm going to let you into how to create traffic to this content marketing strategy we've just created. One that I've used time and time again without paid advertising.

Creating Traffic

This marketing strategy I use is one that doesn't rely on social media or even just Google or YouTube to get people to my site because if you're just starting out, you won't get much traffic from Google or YouTube. You have to grow that.

Social media is one of those tools, but not my main one.

I rely on a different source... Pinterest!

Similar to Google and YouTube, Pinterest is a Search engine.

And it's A LOT easier to rank on Pinterest for your content marketing strategy that it is on Google and YouTube.

You can download my Pinterest for Business PDF that walks you through getting started on Pinterest. I also have a whole series of videos that you can go and watch.

This content marketing strategy is not a one and done deal. You need to share and share your content in order for it to create traffic.

Which brings me to my next tool: Tailwind

Tailwind is a scheduler for social media sites like Instagram and Facebook and Pinterest.


Now that you've learned of my content marketing strategies and the tools that make all easy to do, it's time for you to start creating content.

Remember, the goal is to be found online without having to rely on paid advertising.

If you need help with any of this or just want someone to do it for you. You can contact me and I'll be happy to help!

Creating content doesn't have to be hard or even time-consuming. With a little bit of planning, you can create a content marketing strategy that will help your business succeed online!



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