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Stocking Stuffers for Christmas

It's now December and if you're reading this, you are much like me, who saves shopping for Christmas until almost the end ;).

There's nothing wrong with this, it is what it is.

I wanted to share to some great stocking stuffer ideas for Christmas all under $20 for those extra special people in your life.

For your little ones

For your Teens

  1. Earrings or personalized necklaces

  2. Nail Polish

  3. iTunes gift cards

  4. Magic Eight Ball

  5. A Notebook, like this leather bound notebook

  6. Music

  7. Silly candy, like this Unicorn farts

  8. Gloves to their favorite sports team

For Her

  1. Winter Gloves

  2. Body Butter

  3. Scarfs

  4. Warm Socks

  5. All natural Eye Makeup Remover

  6. A Massage Roller

  7. A Bracelet like this bronze bracelet.

  8. Cellproof lip complex for plumper lips (this one is a little above $20, but very worth it)

For Him

  1. Soap Body Bar

  2. A book of Dad Jokes

  3. Survival Pocket Tool

  4. Shave Cream

  5. Funny Socks

  6. Fun Sports Dice to his favorite team

  7. A Fun Key Chain


I hope that this was helpful for you shopping enjoyment.



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