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How to Get More Customers and Recruits For Your Network Marketing Business

Updated: Apr 10

As a network marketer or entrepreneur, having more customers is the life blood of any business.

Now just imagine you're an entrepreneur building a team, you're recruiting, leading and building leverage through a team of people bringing in customers.

It goes right along with this quote:

"I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people's efforts than 100% of my own efforts." John D. Rockefeller

But what does that really mean?

To me it math. Let's say you work and can get 100 customers each paying you $10. So you have $1,000. Now let's say you build a team of 100 people teaching them exactly what you are doing to get those 100 customers and they each are able to get 100 customers. And since you taught them and trained them, you earn 1% of their earnings. 10 people getting 100 customers each = 1000 new customers. What does that look like as far as your earnings? It's $1,000 in your pocket that you didn't have to work for. So in sense, if you continue to work and use your methods of getting 100 customers each month, you've essentially doubled your income. That is the power of leverage.

Today I wanted to actually share secrets of getting those customers and building a team to create that leverage.

The ATM System

If you've been around the world of network marketing, this concept is most likely one you have heard about, but for those that aren't familiar, we're going cover how it works exactly and how you can use today.

The ATM system is a system of Adding, Tagging, and Messaging.

Teams use this system to expose prospects to the company they're working with and to products they want to sell.

The basis of this is to create curiosity around your business/products to have people reaching out to you to find out what you are doing or by going out and actively talking to people regarding the business/products and asking if they are open to taking a look.

The last part of that is incredibly important that you understand. You are asking if they are OPEN to taking a look, not assuming that because you love your company/products that everyone will as well.

Now that you have asked and they are open to checking out the business/products, you invite them to a Facebook group.

In this group you Tag them in a post, usually set up in the announcements or posts that you think they will find useful and give them enough information to consider joining your business or trying out your products.

After tagging them in posts, you then return and Message them regarding what they saw in the group, which means you should give them a few hours or days depending how busy they are to poke around in the group.

From here it would a great transition to a 3-way chat/call.

The 3-Way Call

Here I want to cover two things, what is a 3-way chat/call and how do you properly use the 3-way chat/call to help your prospect?

First of all, this is something I struggled using for the longest time because I felt guilty starting up a chat or getting on a call with my upline expecting them to close the sale for me.

This is not how to use it!!

I learned from a good friend and Mentor, Debbie Morton, that a 3-way Chat/Call is not for your upline to close your prospect. It's an introduction into the business/products.

They represent a 3rd party confirmation that what you're doing is not just you. That other people do love the business or products and are having success.

Your prospect isn't looking for a hard sale, they are looking for proof that you are not the only one in this game or enjoying the products.

The group can also help give them this if is actively posted to with customer testimonials and business rank advances.

Here's the truth of the matter, people rarely buy on the 1st they are exposed to the product or business, which leads us to the most valuable part of building your business, the Follow up.

The Follow up

Again I want to cover a few main topics around how to follow up and when?

First of all, if you're asking these questions, you're thinking too much, it's time to get out of your own head and just starting doing!!

The best teacher is experience.

But here's the thing, the 2nd best teacher is someone who has already had the success you are looking for and will share what they know.

So let's go ahead and dive in.

The best follow up is a scheduled follow up.

So many times has this happened, if you don't put a time limit on when you are going to reach back to your prospect, your prospect won't do anything with the information you have asked them to look at.

How do you schedule a follow up time.

My coaches with Ray Higdon (he is an amazing Network Marketing Teacher, go check him out) taught me that before you add them to a group, send them an informational video, or anything, FIRST tell them you will be reaching back at a certain time.

Now they may come back and say, that time doesn't work for me, GREAT, what time work best for you?

You now have a prospect who wants to schedule a time with you, YAY!!

Now to answer the when.

If they want to schedule something that same day, do it, if they need time, give them a couple days.

Remember, in order to have the respect of being a business owner, BE BUSY.

This is another tip I have learned from Ray Higdon and his example of it is the best way to describe it.

If you reach out to a lawyers office that is very reputable, you expect to be a couple months out, but if you call and they say "come on in, we're wide open..." Your respect is gone. So yes meet them in them when they can if you can, but respond with, I am talking with a lot of other people right now, I can reach back at _____. (set a date).

You now have created an enigma that you are someone they want to work with.

One last thing I want to teach you about follow up.

I know I only said 2 things, but I like share.

What if you come back to the designated time and nothing. Crickets. No response.

Remember, you gave them the impression you were busy. So leave a message if you called hoping they are alright and invite them to reach out to schedule another time. If on messenger, LEAVE IT ALONE.

You don't want to come across as needy or you have all the time in the world.

Create a separate follow up spread sheet that you can refer to in order to send another follow up message in a month, two months or a year.

You may asking, what do I say in these follow ups, simply update them on what you're doing and hope that they are doing well and it's ok if this isn't a fit for them and to let you know if they know anyone who is open to earning extra money or get a (benefit) from taking your products.

Alright, I think I have covered enough of this to get you going, but if you are looking for more in-depth training like this and more, I would invite you to join my team, where we trainings like this weekly, go ahead and enter your info here and then schedule a time for us to connect and see if this is a fit for you.

"If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you." - Ray Higdon

Now I had one more thing to cover that will truly help you explode your business.

The Referral Post

Referrals are truly the life blood of any business, but they can be difficult to get.

Is it ok if I share a little secret with you...?

People love to win.

So if you want referrals, you want your current customers to compete to win something from you and they will have plenty of people to suggest that they thing would enjoy the products of business.

This is called Incentive Marketing.

Incentive marketing is offering either free product, a free coaching call, etc to incentivize people to work with you or give your referrals.

My team uses this to explode their customer base by giving away free products.

Now if you are just starting out, this may not be a very good option because it can get a little expensive.

That is why I now use travel incentives that I can use whenever, how ever many I want, and here's the secret....

Are you ready?

It doesn't cost me anything extra!

Now if you are looking for how you can get your hands on this, definitely send me an email: and I'll show how you can also start using these incentives to start exploding your business.

So if you are truly serious about creating a Laptop Lifestyle and a business that can change your life and your family's life as a Christian Entrepreneur, make sure to check out the Kingdom Alliance.


Now that I have possibly completely blown your mind or provided way toooo much information (sorry, not sorry) I would love to hear from you.

What was your biggest "AHA" moment while reading through this? Or what did you find most helpful?

I can't wait to read your comments!

Until next time,

Sarah Lawyer



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