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How To Use Pinterest for Network Marketing

Updated: Aug 26

I have been in the network marketing business for years and I went through building my business on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

And the best thing I discovered was how easy and simple it was to build my business using Pinterest.

That's when I discovered that even though I love Pinterest for recipe ideas, it can truly be so much more!

I'm going to share with you simple Pinterest marketing strategies for your network marketing business.

Pinterest is a visual search engine. What that means is, Pinterest users go to find ideas for things they want to do or buy.

So, if you're a network marketer, you can start leveraging Pinterest as a way to connect with potential customers and partners.

And the best part is that this Pinterest marketing strategy I'm about to share with you is one that you can use for free!

Before we dive too deep, let's dive the difference between using a social media platform and Pinterest marketing.

Whenever you get into a network marketing business and you start building your business on a social media platform, you go in and show the product without trying to show what it actually is, right?

Or you just give the curiosity, which is great! And eventually, people do find out what it is. They talk to you in the DMs to find out about it, and they go and search even if you're giving them all the value through DMs.

If you don't have a warm market like me and want to build that direct sales business or mlm business, you need learn Pinterest marketing strategies.

The way Pinterest marketing works is a little different.

With Pinterest, you're actually starting with the product or service that you're selling, and then you give people the information they are looking regarding the network marketing business and network marketing products or network marketing services.