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How To Build A Business You Love & Get Paid For It

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

I have heard this question asked and asked it myself many, many times over the last seven years.

You may also be asking...

What is entrepreneurship? How do you succeed at building your own business? Is it possible to create an income as an entrepreneur?

And honestly entrepreneurship is a journey. It's a self-discovery of finding out what kind of business to build that you will love and not grow to dread working and then get paid for it.

It's also finding the right mentors that will help guide you and help you discover your unique strengths that you couldn't see, which is why is so important to learn from those who are already building a business and then do what they are doing.

Which is why I am writing this post.

Earlier this year, I co-authored a book.

The Female Entrepreneur's Playbook on How to Build a Business You Love and Get Paid For It.

Inside this book me and 20 other entrepreneurial women shared our secrets to building a business, the mistakes that you should avoid and how to truly build a business that you will love and get paid for.

And right now you can pre-order it through iBooks and Amazon

Update 9/9/21: Now featured on Fox, NBC, and CBS

Why pre-order it?

Can it just be because I asked you too...?