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How To Brand Your Business Online

Are you ready to up-level your branding journey?

Join me and Elizabeth Le Coney Hambleton as we talk about her business of helping your brand grow and bloom and all about the bonus you can grab from pre-ordering the book we co-authored.

Order the book:

Female Entrepreneurs Playbook: How To Build A Business That You Love And Get Paid For It.
Book available for Pre-order on iBooks and Amazon and then send a copy of the receipt to to get access to over $1,500 worth of bonuses and Elizabeth's amazing templates.

Transcript of video below:


Welcome, welcome, super excited for today.

I've been wanting to do this for a while and I'm super excited that Elizabeth my good friend and co-author decided to join me today on this journey as we go through the book together.

I mean, that's a huge thing, we're published author!

That's a big deal!

And today, we're actually going to talk about this business which is all about branding your business. And so, Elizabeth, I just want you to thank you so much for taking the time to be here with us today, and go ahead and just kind of introduce who you are, what your businesses and who you are.


Yeah, that's great, thanks for having me. Hey guys, my name is Elizabeth and what I do is, all of the many facets of branding.

I think a lot of entrepreneurs when they think, branding, they think logo, maybe some sort of visual graphic like an Instagram template like that and maybe they think of other kinds of problems like website templates, and all the ways that you graphic design your business and I do do a lot of that stuff.

And that's all really important in a certain way, but I also really focused on a more holistic side of branding, and helping people kind of grow their brand, once they get that sort of tangible identity started because I think it's easy when you're newer especially you think,

"Oh, it might make it look so pretty. The sales are going to roll in"

It turns out that, usually that's not the case like there's a little bit more to it than that. And, you know, good brands really encompassing the visual but also so much more than messaging, it's getting the word out and building relations, it's really establishing yourself as a thought leader and getting into touch.

What differentiates my spin on graphic design and branding from someone else's right, like a lot of graphic designers want a design. So as part of what is different about me I take a more holistic approach because I think it's just more helpful when you kind of get the design. And then nothing else you really be left spinning your wheels, so I like to help people go to that next level. And then I also have a background in fashion.

I started my career in art museums and fashion, and I do personal styling too so I kind of help people feel more confident being the face of their business because I think that in today's landscape that is crucial, and whether or not you love getting on a live on Friday afternoon like this, people want to connect with you and who you are and what you believe in, and putting your actual face out there is I think a really important part of that.

They're not wanting to do some kind of basic personal family can really help them be the face of that brand. If anyone follows Denise Duffield Thomas she is an entrepreneur, she's the chill-preneur, she's all about, money management and stuff. She says that your face is your fortune. And I think that's a really true theme days when a lot of consumers want to connect with a real person and not just like a company or like title or logo, you know, so something there.

A lot of consumers want to connect with a real person and not just like a company or title or logo.


Awesome!! Oh my goodness, like personal fashion. I almost feel like I need to connect with you after this because honestly I have I that is something I struggle with is my fashion side. So, from that, how is it that you took, what you're doing and you put it into this book because our book, that we co-authored is about how to build a business that we love and get paid for it. So tell us a little bit more about your biggest takeaway from the chapter that you wrote in, what do people are going to find when they get this book.

Female Entrepreneurs Playbook: How To Build A Business That You Love And Get Paid For It.
Book available for Pre-order on iBooks and Amazon and then send a copy of the receipt to to get access to over $1,500 worth of bonuses and Elizabeth's amazing templates.


Yeah so I think sometimes people think at first like those things sound really different, like how does it all go together. But I actually think it's actually really similar in that each of my services or products and dresses, helping women get past roadblocks in their own life like things that are holding your back, like, Oh, I'll have a business, want to have a cute logo, or like, I'll get on a live. When I feel better about myself, or like, I'll get my brand out there when I know this is anything right.

So, my chapter is called, Brave Enough To Bloom, they really talk about how, like, my passion is helping women like have pride and bloom and give themselves a bigger version for their life and for their business and like who they can be and that's not just sort in their business but even personally. If you feel better about how your business looks professional and ready, like you're just going to bring a better energy to your interactions, and you're just going to get a better result and just have more fun doing it right, it's your business.

If you're in your own business like it shouldn't be a burden, which I think sometimes it can be, just try to make it as fulfilling and a good reflection of who you are and that's really my passion is helping women get past those blocks that are coming up.


I love that. Oh my goodness, and I, Brave Enough To Bloom. I love that title because, as women, we tend to put ourselves down and keep ourselves small, and so I love, love that mission that you described that was useful.


It's quoted as that, and the time came to remain tight in the bud, was greater than the pain to bloom, or like, so it's kind of like helping people go into that stage, be okay to let go and open up into.


I love that, wow, I hadn't heard of that so thank you for sharing that pool. And then, I mean we all got together and put some amazing bonuses so not only do they get to read your story in this chapter once it launches in October. They also get something special. Can you tell us about the bonuses, but together for those who pre order.


Yeah, I included Canva templates for Instagram, and it is specifically engagement templates. My Instagram strategy, not super Instagram person just because I find it hard to be consistent in the summer with my kids. Let's be honest.

But I have been trying a new strategy and it's really working for me so I thought that I would get into some templates, where it's more the engagement style template like infographics and diagrams and stuff because recently I've heard that there's like a big push to view your value from your caption into your actual like image, because a lot of people don't read captions anymore.

So if you can get that value add into the image rather than in the caption, you're gonna get a lot more engagement and follows the growth, and I have found it to be true. So these are engagement templates.

So that's what I've included I think it's a big trend right now, and some big players Instagram are filled with joy and it's also good if you want to do like a carousel posts where you have more than one thing, which is good for engagement since Instagram just putting like a stock photo with like quote isn't anymore. So, this can be a great way to kind of level up and modernize your Instagram strategy. If you haven't been doing these tactics.


That is, that is amazing. I mean, because when you say putting more of it on the image that is definitely my world on Pinterest because you want to have bring up that image and also get people to click on it from that image so having that now available in Instagram, I imagine that you probably get a lot of engagement and followers.

So can you tell us about the results you get from these engagement pieces, I know I'm sure people are like, where do I get access first but then what kind of results can get, as I know you mentioned it a little bit. I'd love to hear more.