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How To Brand Your Business Online

Are you ready to up-level your branding journey?

Join me and Elizabeth Le Coney Hambleton as we talk about her business of helping your brand grow and bloom and all about the bonus you can grab from pre-ordering the book we co-authored.

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Female Entrepreneurs Playbook: How To Build A Business That You Love And Get Paid For It.
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Transcript of video below:


Welcome, welcome, super excited for today.

I've been wanting to do this for a while and I'm super excited that Elizabeth my good friend and co-author decided to join me today on this journey as we go through the book together.

I mean, that's a huge thing, we're published author!

That's a big deal!

And today, we're actually going to talk about this business which is all about branding your business. And so, Elizabeth, I just want you to thank you so much for taking the time to be here with us today, and go ahead and just kind of introduce who you are, what your businesses and who you are.


Yeah, that's great, thanks for having me. Hey guys, my name is Elizabeth and what I do is, all of the many facets of branding.

I think a lot of entrepreneurs when they think, branding, they think logo, maybe some sort of visual graphic like an Instagram template like that and maybe they think of other kinds of problems like website templates, and all the ways that you graphic design your business and I do do a lot of that stuff.

And that's all really important in a certain way, but I also really focused on a more holistic side of branding, and helping people kind of grow their brand, once they get that sort of tangible identity started because I think it's easy when you're newer especially you think,

"Oh, it might make it look so pretty. The sales are going to roll in"