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How I use Pinterest To Get Customers For Network Marketing

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

The network marketing industry is can be a tough industry to be in, especially on social media when have burned your warm market.

In order to make a difference to your side hustle business, you have to be posting daily, uploading stories multiple times a day, running ads (if you have the budget) and always messaging people about your business and products.

But what if I told you there was an easier way?

I'll tell you all about how I use Pinterest to promote my business and get customers for network marketing, watch the video or continue reading below.

This post may contain affiliate links to products that I trust. This means that if you make a purchase using the links below I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for the support!

How I use Pinterest to get customers for network marketing.

I'm going to show you how Pinterest can be the tool for you for building your network marketing business.

Hi, my name is Sarah, I'm a Mompreneur, and I have been in the network marketing business for years. And one of the best things that I discovered was Pinterest for my business.

I went through building my business on Facebook and Instagram with posting daily and uploading multiple stories through out the day... and that was when I realized I was putting all my energy into social media and not leaving enough to truly be with my family.

Pinterest was the best thing for my business and my family because I was amazed at how easy and simple it was to build my business using Pinterest with a very simple strategy that I'm going to share with you.

What is Pinterest, and why is it so vital to your business.

Pinterest is a search engine. It is the third largest search engine in the world you got Google, you got YouTube, you got Pinterest.

In every Network Marketing Business, I hear the same thing, that the only way to truly build your business is through social media. And all the top leaders are teaching the same way of creating curiosity by hiding what the product/business name is and just sharing the benefits.

What happens when people do find out what it is when they talk to you in the DM's?

They go and search! Which we're told is the worst thing that anyone could do!

Instead I want to switch that. What if you are still using social media to create curiosity and then sharing using what I'm about to teach you, to show up in their search as well.

Because here's the thing, most the of the time it doesn't matter if you're keeping them in the DM's and giving them all the value and benefits of the product, many are still going go search.

Now there are those few that just you've built that relationship with so well, that once they are given the information on how to buy in the DM's, they're going to go buy; let's break this down for those who don't have warm market and wants to be able to build that side hustle income, this is how you do it.

1) Providing the information they are searching for.

Number one, is all about telling them what it is they want or what they are searching for.

Did you know that 61% of people who are searching on search engines like Pinterest are looking for something to buy, they're looking to research on something they heard and are asking questions before they go and buy. So the trick is to start showing up where they are searching and providing the answers to the questions they are asking.

2) Share it using your website

Number two, you need a website.

Now I know you may say:

I have a Facebook Business Page, or I have an Instagram Business Account and I don't need a website. Besides, I'm not techy and I don't have the money to hire someone to build me a website.

I get it. I've done it. I've hired someone, and paid them $1,000's of dollars to build me a website. And when I finally got it and tried to change it for myself I couldn't figure it out. Which is why I started a new website on Wix.

Wix is a very customizable website and budget friendly website builder that is just for you if you're technologically unsaavy.

And I actually have a course that you can access on how to use it to build your website. The second of having a website is you need a blog.

Your blog is where you going to house all your content. Now instead of hiding the product/company name, now you actually want to show the whole bottle, the whole company name and answer their questions about why you joined and why they should.

Same thing with the products, named XYZ, covering all the questions and benefits of why you think they should have it.

***Now you want to make sure that you have your disclaimers and you're not promising things that your company doesn't allow.

By sharing your the answers to their questions you're creating the like, know, and trust factor because 2 out of 3 users on Pinterest (which there are over 450 million active users) go to Pinterest to find the products and information they can trust.

If you're on Pinterest, they're going go to the information you're sharing, find value and then click the link to buy. No DM's, no sales calls necessary. That's it.

3) Publishing your content to Pinterest

Now that you've got content created and published on your website, it's time to publish it on Pinterest for people to find.

You may be asking:

How do I do that, what do I need to do.

If you're not familiar with Pinterest at all understand that Pinterest is all about pinning. Therefore you need to create a pin image representing your content from your blog.

I walk you through exactly How to Create, Design, and Publish Your Pins in my Pinterest Pins Explained PDF and how to publish your pins to Pinterest.

I cover 3 different ways to do that.

First is to upload directly to Pinterest, upload your image, add your title and your description, choose a board and hit publish. You're done!

Second way is through Canva. Now if you're using Canva to create your images, this might be a really hand in hand publisher that you want to use. Once you have your Pinterest account set up and connected to Canva, simply add your title, your description, choose the board, and date/time that you want.

The third way and my favorite using Tailwind. Tailwind will actually tell you what is the best time for each day that you should publish, so you don't have to try to figure that out.

That is one thing that is the hardest thing I remember with Facebook and Instagram was that you had to try to guess what time was the best time to post. And then, to get the most the most impressions the most engagement on your post and then you had to stick around to do that.

This is not the case here on Pinterest. Yes, it does make a difference if it's posted at the right time, but it's more about what you are providing to the keywords that they are searching for. That is the absolute key.


All right, so if you got value and you loved what this, let me know in the comments below what your "Aha" moment was and how you are going to start putting your business up on Pinterest.

Until next time,



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