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Handling Chaos As A Stay At Home Mom

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Do you feel like life is a Chaotic mess especially now that your kids are home from school full-time?

I know I have and many other women that I have talked to agree, this is a unique time and there is a lot of fear that can create chaos in our lives right now.

So to help, I thought I would do a little research for you and me to figure out how to best handle this chaotic time sanely as possible.

To help I found this Podcast by Brooke Castillo who is a Life Coach and found her Handling Chaos series useful towards being a SAHM and suddenly having to home school.

How to Handle Chaos?

During this time, it is very important to understand how to handle the chaos in that is happening in the world and how to internalize it so that we not showing up anxious or panicking with our kids.

One main point I got from listening to her podcast was that the anxiety and panic that we feel is not from the facts of the media, its how our own thoughts interpret the facts found in the media.

So she had a three steps that you can take in order to calm your thoughts.

1) Stop And Recognize Your Thoughts

So many times as a stay at home mom, we often find that we don't have a lot time to ourselves and now that the kids are home full-time, it's doubly so.

For example, if you get frustrated with something (like my kids fighting over the same ball... deep breathe), make sure to realize that you are frustrated, recognize it, give it a moment and live out, and then breathe.

2) Reach Out To A Friend

You are not in this alone!

We may be told that have practice "Social Distancing" right now, but that doesn't mean you can't call, FaceTime, or even do a Google Hangout with a few of your closest friends to talk about whats going on.

One thing that has really helped me not feel so isolated has been a group chat that is with all the neighborhood woman.

We chat about what we're reading in the news, share ideas of how to keep the kids busy, and then let each other know when we are at the store in case anyone needs anything.

If there isn't anything like that for you, come on over to this group to get the support and connection that you may need.

3) Write Out Your Thoughts

Find your journal or start a new one and just write out the main thoughts that have had on your mind throughout the day.

This may be something you do at the end of the day, but writing out your thoughts allows them the freedom to no longer dwell in you mind.

How To Stay In The Know Without Overwhelm?

Now what if you just HAVE to know what's going on and need to watch/read the news, this was another tip I got from the podcast that I found very true in my own life.

Our brains are wired to find the bad, to keep us safe, and look for danger.

Too much bad with no where to run leads to overwhelm.

With this, set a limit to how much you are paying attention to the news, then balance it out with something with something positive.

If I may, I would like to suggest some positive and uplifting podcasts that I have found

How To Take Control While Feeling Out Of Control?

In this time of unknowns, it can be easy to get caught up in the downward spiral what could happen, how the world seems to be coming apart at the seems, or how our kids are always asking, "what are we doing now...?"

Let me share something that has helped me from pulling out my hair.

I take stock of what it is that I do have control over and what I am grateful for in my life.

By doing this, I am more able to center myself and then face the craziness.

For example:

  • I know I am safe in my home.

  • I know my kids are safe (even while they are driving me crazy with not having enough to do).

  • I know I can find activities online - just remember how much resources we have access to! Pinterest, Google, or as a community. Check some of these out.

  • I know I can go to the store at any time, I just have to be aware that others are not as centered as me and to remain calm in my shopping.

Then remember that while it may not feel like it,

You Do Have Control Of Your Emotions

You are so much more capable than you may think.

Another tip I got from the podcast was to change your short term vision (day to day) that is currently scaring the crap out of everyone and switching to a long term vision of how life will be in 4 months from now.

It will be Summer, maybe we will be playing in the sprinklers, or in the pool (it's small, but perfect for filling up with the hose), or riding bikes with my kids, or hiking.

I will have survived the home schooling without killing my kids and have enjoyed seeing them blossom from my daily help.

I am doing this as an example how to calm your mind, but be careful not to get lost in how you think the world should be and accept how the world in using the steps above.

Then let's remember that we as the Human race have survived, adapted, and thrived through many things in the last 50 years and find a few things that you can be grateful for right now.

How To Handle Working From Home?

As a mom that has been working from home for a few months now, but now has all kids at home, it isn't easy, but it is doable.