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Ego Is The Enemy Quotes

Updated: Aug 26

I finished listening to this book, Ego is The Enemy by Ryan Holiday and absolutely loved the lessons that I learned and I couldn't wait to share some of the amazing quotes from this book.

So I hope that you enjoy them, but before we jump into those, I wanted to share some take aways I learned.

As a business builder and looking to become a leader I really took away from this book some great tips towards building up others and how to put your Ego away and build up humility in it's place. Which many of the quotes I found below focus on this.

Without further ado, enjoy the quotes!


"When ego is gone, you wake up in the middle of the circle and now you're a part of - not apart from - Life, Good, God."

I found this one just so unique. When you decide to not let ego in your life anymore you can be a part of something all encompassing. Now just imagine being able to invite others into this that can them become their best as well.


"Leaders must free their subordinates to fulfill their talents to the utmost. However, most obstacles that limit people's potential are set in motion by the leader and are rooted in his or her own fears, ego needs, and unproductive habits. When leaders explore deep within their thoughts and feelings in order to understand themselves. A transformation can take shape."

Now this one took a few different times of reading through to really grasp, but the idea of freeing those that are under you, perhaps in your business or network marketing and then letting them spread their wings. Don't stand in their way and limit their potential with your own limitation. Step out of the way and let them figure out how to do what needs to be done. Then watch them grow!


"Steve Jobs had a remarkable knack for letting go of things that didn't work. If you were in an argument with him and you convinced him that you were right, he would instantly change his mind. He didn't hold on to an idea because he had once be