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Black Friday 2019

Are you one that loves the excitement, the chase, the deals?

I for one have not loved it, but now that everything is online, I'm all for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals!

No more running around battling the crowds, the traffic, and the lines... I simply log into my computer and there they are just waiting for me to order and be shipped to me.

All in pajamas!! Because you know how it is the day after Thanksgiving... you just need a day to recuperate!

So what are some great Black Friday deals you should be watching for?

Walmart, Costco, and Target are some great go to's for looking for electronics, toys, and games.

But instead of just shopping for those on your list, what about a little something for you?

The best deals are those of health because without our health, there's really not much we can do.

Which is why I have chosen to share Modere's Black Friday Deals for 2019.

Why Modere?

Modere has made it their mission to Live Clean by providing clean products for healthier living and clean living that have even been verified by the Environmental Working Group (EWG)

They are a company that I have decided to partner with because the cleaning products are effective and safe, the healthy living products truly make a difference to my health and my families health, and they have provided an easy system to earn extra income around my busy schedule.

So instead of the usual gifts this season, think of giving the gift of health and beauty to those you love and yourself.

The Deals

Modere will give you the full scoop on November 26th at 6 pm MT with prizes as a Facebook Live and the prizes are usually pretty awesome, so add it to your calendar.

Before that, I wanted to provide you with some ideas to peak your interest.

Some ideas to for your shopping from Modere's Black Friday Big Sale:

  • P.S. Click the links to be taken to learn what each product is and how it will benefit you, except the new releases, those you'll have to check out why they are so awesome on the Facebook Live.

Door Buster is from 6 am MT to 9:59 am MT on November 29, 2019 that will give you two free products, the body butter and body bar.

  1. New Trim flavor apple crumble (this is for my favorite flavor that was last year's Black Friday Deal)