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5 Different Type of Mood Boosting Exercises

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

These 5 scientifically proven exercises will help you find more contentment, better sleep, increased energy, achieve clarity, and reduce stress if done regularly. I would not suggest that you attempt to add all 5 different exercises in at once. Choose one that will give you the most benefit and plan when and where you will do these exercises.

1) Yoga

Add yoga to your regular exercise routine and start enjoying more contentment.

  • Helps increase amino acids and neurotransmitters to help reduce anxiety

  • The deep breathing practiced in yoga helps organs, including the brain, to function better

  • Which then leads to a happier more content state of mind.

2) Pilates

Pilates is another exercise similar to yoga, but this has been found to help improve sleep

  • Using the body awareness learned in practicing pilates, you are more able to allow your body to relax and sleep.

  • Also it allows you to be more in-tune with you body to relax any tension that you have that has previously kept you for sleeping.

3) Cycling

Looking for more energy? Add cycling to your exercise regime 3 times per week to enjoy more energy.

  • The action of cycling seems to activate brain neural circuits that make a person feel energized.

4) Weight Lifting

Weight lifting has had a bad rap for people who don't want to get too muscular or bulky, but adding this exercise will actually help give you more clarity.

  • Those that added weight lifting to their routine were able to perform better on cognitive tests in regards to improved executive function and the ability to plan.

  • It also provides more aptitude to regulate behavior and multi-task (which I believe is a myth, but we'll cover that in a different post).

5) Tai Chi

With this exercise movement, those that added it regularly to their routine found reduced stress. Tai chi is probably one of my favorite due to my love of martial arts, but it isn't for everyone.

  • Through the steady movements in Tai Chi, you will find that your muscles are more relaxed and you have a calm mind.

  • Not to mention the improved balance, strength, and flexibility.

If you found value from this please let me know by answering the questions below.

Which do you need the most? Which have you found to be accurate from your experience? Comment below to let me know.

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