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4 Tips to A Successful Organic Summer Garden

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

If you have the time and the inclination to create an organic summer garden there are few better ways to do when it comes to the potential impact on the planet.

A summer garden is a thing of beauty to be enjoyed by all you invite into your garden.

So we are going to be discussing some of the things to keep in mind when as you are growing and setting up your Organic Summer Garden to make it the most successful it can be.

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That being said, let's dive into the problem that I quite honestly didn't expect when growing a garden is that there are pests we'd all like to keep out of our gardens that can affect the growth of plants and the ability to harvest fruit or vegetable from these plants.

Keep Pests Out

There are many ways in which to keep pests out and the most commonly turned to is pesticides.

The problem is that the pesticides of the past have undetermined side effects that have the potential to cause lasting harm.

If we can avoid introducing those chemicals to our own gardens we are protecting our kids from dangers we may not even be aware of yet and protecting the other animals that may innocently come in contact with our gardens such as birds and butterflies from being harmed by the chemicals present in most common pesticides.

What does this mean to gardeners when it comes to efforts directed towards keeping out potential pests?

Quite honestly, it means we are going to have to get a little bit creative in those efforts turning to natural solutions rather than chemicals.

One way in which this can quite easily be accomplished is by encouraging animals that prey upon the pests to make your garden their home.

Of course, this could potentially bring about its own set of problems but from a gardening perspective it is often very sound reasoning.

Another way is to search out different oils that repel or kill the pests that are currently destroying your harvests.

This reminds of two summers in which I had planted Zucchini in my Summer Garden.

We love fresh zucchini out of the garden, so when I found squash bugs, my first instinct was to reach for a