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The Blueprint To Build The Lifestyle You Deserve.

From Anywhere. On Your Own Schedule.

Create the Laptop Lifestyle of Your Dreams as a MomPreneur.  

STOP Struggling Alone... 

Transform Your Life, Your Families Life & Your Business in Just 5 Days!

What will you learn:

  • DAY 1: Discover the tricks to controlling your schedule and creating habits to lay the foundation for your life of freedom.

  • Day 2: Discover the shocking secret of exactly how much time, energy, and money is actually needed to create a profitable business

  • Day 3: Transform your mindset to take you from being a struggling business owner to a thriving business owner.

  • Day 4: Learn the closely guarded strategy of implementing incentive based marketing to up your social media marketing efforts and stand apart from your competitors.

  • Day 5: Attract more leads and close more sales by using this simple formula to identify your ideal customer and how to target them; become the Hunted instead of the Hunter.

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