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Why Do We Crave Sugary Food?

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Have you ever started a weight loss challenge or weight loss plan and the first thing you think of is, how much sugary foods need to be eaten or thrown away?

I know I do every time!

For this post we are going to cover why attacking the sugary foods may not be the right fix to losing weight.

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For many of us the sight of a freshly glazed doughnut can feel like falling in love and coming home to a pack of unopened cookies can feel like the adult version of Christmas morning.


There’s something about sugar that hooks us and keeps reeling us in again and again.

Whether we like it or not sugar has a major hold on us. If you’re reading this it’s highly likely you understand, and have first-hand experience, of this allure.

Sugar isn’t just confectionary, it’s compulsion; there is no such thing as stopping after “just one.”

I mean, if one is good, more is better.

At least that’s what it feels like with the sweet stuff.

Reasons for Craving Sugar

We are given many reasons for our sugar cravings: pleasure-seeking brain circuits, intestinal parasites, mineral deficiencies, malnutrition, habitual behavior, unbalanced diets, too much salt, buried emotional issues, lack of sleep, stress.... and my favorite, lack of discipline.

We are not at a loss for reasons for our addiction to sugar, yet knowing isn’t enough to change us or our behavior.

If knowing was enough we would all be winning gold medals and gold stars in eve