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What is YEP, The Young Entrepreneur Project?

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

What is YEP, The Young Entrepreneur Project? This is something that I asked before I said YEP to joining the Young Entrepreneur Project. I also hear these questions a lot as well:

What is it? How will it help me? Do I have to be "Young" to be a part of it?

These are very valid completely understandable questions. So let's dive in and see if I can't shed some light into YEP.


What is YEP? How Will it Help me?

The Young Entrepreneur Project is built on three main pillars: Education and Personal Growth, Marketing, and creating Multiple Streams of Income.

Education and Personal Growth

In the Young Entrepreneur Project it is the vision of the CEO that we don't need to out and buy another course to just have it sit somewhere on our computer or cloud to someday get to. He wants us to teach each other, to share our expertise and help each other grow through the many lessons we have learned.

This is shared through YEPClips. I also want you to think of the possibilities of using YEPClips as a leverage to grow your brand outside of YEP. For example, I have created a Beginners Wix Website Tutorial for those looking to create your own website on a budget. I give you everything you need to get started. And now it is an exclusive training that you can only find on YEPClips.

This platform will now be exposed to thousands of people who would not have known who I was if I hadn't made that training and now they can come find me to see what other services I may be able to help them with.

YEPClips can be a source of education and leverage to build your brand and expertise.

You are also given access to a shopping and travel portal to help provide savings for your life and living that Laptop Lifestyle.


Marketing is defined as: the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

This is what makes the world go round, however, it's always been something that can be an extra cost to you. For example if you are working to get more referrals to your network marketing company you decide to offer a giveaway for the person that gives the most referrals, it could be a coaching call, a free product, or something that will incentivize those you are talking to give you the referral.

Not anymore! If you sign up for YEP you get access to FREE incentives to give away as many as you want without costing you anything more. These incentives are amazing, they are travel certificates that will allow your customer, future customer to travel again at an amazing deal.

So many have used these to explode their business, here is a video of how an insurance agent used these incentives to exponentially grow their business.

Creating Multiple Streams Of Income

Now this pillar isn't always for everyone, but from what I have told you so far about what YEP offers, do you know another entrepreneur who could benefit from the first two pillars in their business?

That is where this third pillar comes into play, the ability to create another stream of income by referring other entrepreneurs to YEP and then earning a commission from them signing up.

All three of these intertwine, you sign up, you add a training into YEPClips, people come find you, they buy products and services you already had, you then refer other entrepreneurs to YEP, you earn a commission, they invite others, they see your training... etc.


Check out this quick video to hear what others are saying.


Do you have to be Young to be apart of the Young Entrepreneur Project?

The answer is NO!!

There are so many great examples of great people who probably thought they were too old to see their dreams come to reality and the truth is, you are never too old to pursue your passion!

So if you have been working towards your dream, or you have a dream that you want to see happen then you need a Tribe to help support you, a community to grow in, and training to help shorten the learning process.

Why I said YEP

As you heard, YEP is for existing business owners, for struggling network marketers, for internet marketers, and those just looking to start building a business to give them a Laptop Lifestyle.

In short it's a tribe of entrepreneurs to help each other out to build their dreams, to build their businesses, whatever that may look like and if you join under me, not only do get access to all of the above, but a team of fierce marketers who don't leave anyone behind. If ever you have a question, you can find a helping hand, a support to lend their expertise that will help you reach your goals.

This for me is the biggest reason why I said yes to YEP. I am a stay home mom and my time is limited, I don't have a lot of time to go out and start a new course or find a support group that will help me out when I am down.

Which is another reason I love this tribe because it offers a way for me to add a shortcut, it gives me a way to collaborate, to get support, and learn from others who will share with me what's working to be able to skip the trial and error of building a business.

And here's the best part, if you aren't sure yet that this is for you, there is an option to take this YEP tribe for a spin using a complimentary 5 Day YEP to Freedom Maker Challenge.

Now, if you're truly serious, then I would be remiss to tell you about the option to upgrade your complimentary challenge into a VIP experience (which will cost you about as much as taking your family out to dinner) for just $47.

I would highly recommend going this route because anytime you pay for something, you are more likely to take it seriously.



YEP is a visionary project that is always expanding and growing to help support those who see a different life for themselves outside of a traditional 9-5 job. It is a powerful tool of community and support.

I would be happy to introduce you as the next leader in this group of entrepreneurs looking to make a difference to the world.

Are you ready to push your business to a whole new level? Are ready to learn how to grow, scale and expand your business with this amazing tribe of entrepreneurs?

Go ahead and schedule a consultation call with me and let's see if you would a good fit.

I can't wait to chat with you and help you grow on this journey of being an Entrepreneur.

Talk again soon!